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BC68005-DC MINI Air Compressor Medical Nebulizer Machine

Color: OEM
Size: M, L, XL
Sales Models: Wholesale
MOQ: 100pcs
  • BC68005-DC

  • FOFO

  • 901920000

The nebulizer should be cleaned after each use and disinfected after every other treatment. Since you are breathing the vapor from the machine, it must be clean. If the machine is not cleaned correctly, bacteria and other germs could grow inside it.


Nebulizer specification

Item number: BC68006



Factory info

Foshan hongfeng co.,Ltd established in 2006, nowadays, we are the leading manufacturer of piston nebulizer and anti-bedsore mattresses(anti-decubitus) and pressure therapy devices in China. We specialize in Medical air mattress with pump, Pressure therapy, Nebulizers, Medical water beds...etc.We have 4 production lines with more than 200 employees and factory is over 10,000 square meters.Our Capacity: Over 80000pcs air mattresses per month. we are fully qualified with the certificate of ISO13485, FDA, CE.Our Market: USA, Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, Middle East...etc.

Is a nebulizer prescription necessary?

It is best to check with a pharmacist before purchasing a nebulizer machine.

Typically, a nebulizer and the medicine it uses require a prescription from a doctor or another healthcare provider.

It is possible to purchase a nebulizer machine online without a prescription, though a doctor will probably still need to prescribe the medication.

However, some medication manufacturers require the use of a specific type of nebulizer, so it is always a good idea to double-check with the pharmacist or doctor before making a purchase.

There are several types of medication that a person can use with a nebulizer:

• Bronchodilators: These are drugs that help open the airways and make breathing easier. Doctors often prescribe bronchodilators to people with asthma, COPD, or other respiratory disorders.

• Sterile saline solution: A nebulizer can deliver sterile saline to help open the airways and thin secretions. This may loosen and make it easier to cough up mucus in the lungs.

• Antibiotics: A nebulizer can deliver some types of antibiotics straight into the lungs or respiratory tract when someone has a severe respiratory infection.

Foshan Hongfeng Co., Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer specializing in the medical field with over 20 years industry experience and more than 300 employees.
We are professional in making medical rehabilitate products, specialize in the design and manufacture of medical air mattress, wheelchair, oxygen concentrator, air compressor therapy (leg massager ), compressor nebulizer, suction machine, APP wheelchair cushion, water mattress and other rehabilitate products.
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