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Best Air Compression Leg Massager

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 Introduction of Air compression leg massager:

1.Air compression leg massager is suitable for applying periodic pressure changes to human peripheral blood and tissues to improve and promote blood circulation

Equipped with a safe real-time pressure monitoring system Increased pressure value of only 5mmHg per gear, precise control of pressure, the most accurate comfort of the body.

2.Air compression leg massager is suitable for the auxiliary treatment of cerebrovascular accident, brain trauma, brain surgery, limb dysfunction and peripheral non-embolic vasculitis caused by myelopathy, as well as the prevention of venous thrombosis and the reduction of limb edema.

3.Air compression leg massager is divided into six chambers, four chambers and eight chamber types, the difference is that a leg is divided into four segments or six ends and eight segments, the same size.

In short, Air compression leg massager is suitable for men, women and children is a necessity in our lives, and it is very helpful to personal physical and mental health, and users can choose according to their needs and preferences.

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