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Compression Machine for Legs Benefits

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Long-term use of compression machine legs can help promote the operation of qi and blood, help relieve muscle tension and other discomfort, and have certain help for physical health. However, people with leg skin damage are not recommended to use leg massagers, so as not to increase the degree of damage.


1, promote Qi and blood operation: long-term use of compression machine legs, appropriate strength, can help dredge leg meridians, promote qi and blood operation, relieve leg qi and blood stasis caused by swelling, congestion, etc.;

2, relieve muscle tension: After long-term exercise fatigue, you can use the compression machine legs, control the use of strength, can help relieve the leg muscle tension caused by muscle stiffness, pain and other discomfort, has certain benefits to health. The proper use of leg massagers before going to bed to relax leg muscles can help relax the body to a certain extent and improve sleep quality.


If there is obvious damage to the leg skin, it is not recommended to use the leg massager for a long time, or use the compression machine legs with improper force, which may damage the leg skin mucosa or damage muscles and other tissues, cause pain and other discomfort, or easily induce infection.

It is recommended to standardize the use of the compression machine legs under the guidance of professionals, and it will be more beneficial to follow the meridian line under the guidance of massage, but if it is used for a long time, it is necessary to control the use of force to avoid improper use of the leg damage. Can not simply evaluate the long-term use of good or bad, need to judge according to their own situation. Daily attention to the combination of work and rest, to avoid overwork or weight on the legs, appropriate massage, or hot compress, can also help relieve discomfort.

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