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Durable Pump Air Compressor for Home Use Mattress(HF6P01)


HF6P01-1 HF6P01-2

Model NO. HF6P01

Cycle time

12 min

Pressure Range


Air output

6-8 liter/min

Power supply



18 month


1. Place the mattress on a clean and flat surface, ensuring it is properly aligned with the bed frame.

2. Connect the air pump to the mattress using the provided connectors or valves. Ensure a secure connection to prevent air leakage.

3. Plug in the air pump to a power outlet and switch it on. Some pumps may have adjustable settings for pressure and cycle time. Adjust these settings as per the patient's comfort and healthcare professional's recommendation.

4. Allow the mattress to inflate fully. This may take a few minutes, depending on the pump's capacity.

5. Once inflated, check the mattress for any visible signs of damage or air leakage. If any issues are detected, contact the manufacturer or supplier for assistance.

6. Assist the patient in lying down on the mattress, ensuring proper alignment and positioning. Make sure the patient's body is evenly distributed on the mattress surface.

7. If the mattress has alternating pressure features, set the cycle time according to the healthcare professional's instructions. This will ensure that pressure is periodically relieved from different areas of the body.

8. Regularly monitor the patient's comfort and adjust the pressure settings if needed. It is important to maintain a balance between providing adequate support and preventing excessive pressure on any specific area.

9. Follow the recommended maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. This may include periodically cleaning the mattress surface, checking for air leaks, and replacing any damaged components.

10. If the patient experiences any discomfort, pain, or skin irritation, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

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