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FOFO Air Compressor Nebulizer Machine Portable for hospital

Model NO.BC68005



Power consumption


Medication capacity


Average nebulization rate


Noise level


Compressor pressure range

30-45 Psi 



box size

170*115*270 mm



Power Consumption


Medication Capacity


Particle Size

Respirable Fraction 0.5 to 5um(0.5um80%)


3-5 um

Average Nebulization Rate


Noise Level

<60 dBA

Compressor Pressure Range

30-45 Psi

Operation Pressure Range

12-14.5 Psi(0.85-1.1 bar)

Liter Flow Range

8~ 10 lpm


Nebulizer cup, adult mask, child maskinhalation mouth-piece, inhalation tube, air filter.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Wash your hands.

To keep your nebulizer – and your lungs – free of germs, always wash your hands before handling the medication and equipment.

2. Check your medication.

Before you begin, look closely at your medicine:
• Has it expired?
• Is the vial crushed or damaged?
• Does the medicine look discolored?
• Has it been exposed to any extremely hot or cold temperatures?
If you answer “yes” to any of these, replace the medicine.

3. Gather your equipment.

In most set-ups, you have a compressor (the basic nebulizer machine), tubing, a cup (the nebulizer) for the medicine, and a mouthpiece. You might also have a mask. The compressor forces air into the medication in the cup, breaking the liquid into an aerosol. The cup design determines how well the system can produce droplets that are the right size to travel deep into the airways. Breath-enhanced and breath- actuated units allow less medication to escape into the air.Very young children and disabled or elderly patients unable to use a mouthpiece effectively should always use a mask. Choose one that is soft and flexible enough to fit snugly on the face and large enough to cover their mouths and noses.

4. Pour medication into the nebulizer cup.

Unit-dose vials are a snap to use; just twist off the top and pour. Choose a nebulizer cup that will sit flat for easy pouring. Take a sniff as you pour and throw out any medication that smells foul, spoiled or like
it may contain rubbing alcohol. Don’t overfill the cup as it may not aerosolize the medication at the correct particle size.

5. Sit back and relax.

Put the mask on or place the mouthpiece over your tongue and close your teeth and lips tightly around it, then turn on the nebulizer machine. Breathe normally. If you start to cough, turn the machine off until you can breathe freely again. Continue the breathing treatment until the cup is empty. If the medication foams or bubbles, stop the treatment; you may have defective or contaminated medicine or equipment. Don’t ‘blow-by’ or mist the medication in front of the child’s face; this will release the medicine into the air, not the lungs. Use a mask.

6. Wash up.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions to keep your nebulizer cup, mouthpiece and tubing clean; whatever gets into your cup – from your hands, medication or house dust – will get into your lungs. When everything is clean and dry, store the system where it will stay dust-free.

Precautions to be aware of

When used as directed, a nebulizer is generally considered safe to use.

However, avoid sharing medications with family members or loved ones. A healthcare professional should determine the right medication to use in the nebulizer based on an individual’s health needs.

Nebulizers can also cause more harm than good if you don’t keep them clean.

As the machine emits liquid, this device can be a breeding ground for mold. It’s important to clean and dry the tubes, spacers, and masks immediately after each use.

Follow the cleaning instructions that come with your nebulizer machine. You may be able to clean it with soap and sterile water, rubbing alcohol, or a dishwasher. Make sure all pieces air dry.

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