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How To Use Oxygen Concentrator

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1. Hang the main unit for the floor or the hanging frame and hang it outside, and install the gas filter;

2. Screw the oxygen supply plug-in plate on the wall or support as needed, and then hang the oxygen supply;

3. Connect the oxygen outlet of the oxygen supply to the oxygen supply port of the oxygen supply unit, and connect the 12V power supply line of the oxygen supply unit to the 12V power supply line of the main unit. If a plurality of oxygen supply devices are connected in series, it is only necessary to add a three-way joint, and the pipeline is fastened with a wire buckle;

4. Plug the host's 220V power cord into the wall socket, and the oxygen supply is lit red;

1portable oxygen concentrator for aged

5. Please add pure water to the designated position in the humidification cup. Then install it on the oxygen outlet of the oxygen supply;

6. Please put the oxygen pipe on the oxygen outlet of the humidification cup;

7. Press the oxygen supply start button, the green indicator light is on, and the oxygen generator starts to enter the working state;

8. Adjust the flow to the desired position according to the doctor's instructions;

9. According to the oxygen mask or nasal straw packaging instructions, hang the nasal cannula or wear a mask to absorb oxygen.

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