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Nebulizer Selection Guide

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First, the compressor

1. Noise: The noise level of the atomizer is an important indicator of its quality.

The noise is high, which will affect the mood of patients who are not good.

The noise of compressed atomizers sold in the market is mostly around 80 decibels, and the quality of a good quality compressed atomizer should be within 65 decibels.

Machines that are noisy are generally felt and the manufacturer does not indicate the noise value of the machine. For machines with low noise, the manufacturer will mark them.

2, Vibration: accompanied by noise is vibration

In general, if the noise is large, the vibration must not be small.

3, Fever,: with the above noise, vibration, is the problem of fever

For machines with loud noise and vibration, there must be more heat.

In fact, the above three items are energy losses. Therefore, the nominal power of the compressed atomizer is not as large as possible.

Most of the energy is wasted on machines with high power but high noise (high vibration and heat).

4. Atomized particles: the size is directly related to the atomization effect. The smaller (less than 2.5μm) atomized particles can reach the lower respiratory tract and the alveoli. The specifications provided by the general manufacturer indicate the atomized particle size and atomization. The particle labeling generally relates to the particle size, average particle size (MMAD), average median size (MMD), etc., while the size of the atomized particles is affected by two factors, the compressor and the atomizing cup. The compressor provides constant pressure air. The process of atomizing the cup determines the level at which the particle size is excited.

Such as: "Nannuo Wuerkang" brand compressed atomizer, atomized particles (particle size) 80% 0.5~5μm

"Bai Rui" brand compressed atomizer, average median diameter (MMD) 3.5μm <5μm particle percentage 68%

"Mist" brand compressed atomizer, average median diameter (MMD) 3.5μm <5μm particle percentage 76%

5, Portability: the smaller the volume the better

As a household, the volume of the nebulizer is also a factor that home users need to consider. A smaller volume means more convenient to carry. If you need to travel during aerosol therapy, you need more attention.

6, Design and appearance quality

Second, the atomization cup

The quality of the atomizing cup is especially critical after the compressor meets the basic requirements.

It is best to choose a patented atomizing cup. This information is generally available on the product packaging.

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