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Technical Characteristics Of Oxygen Concentrator

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It is characterized by oxygen absorption directly increases the blood oxygen content of the arteries, rather than acting on a part of the body to improve hypoxia indirectly, but only increases the oxygen that has been continuously ingested during the lifetime of the body. There is no material that is unfamiliar to the body and needs to be adapted and needs to be resolved, thus only improving rather than changing the natural physiological state and biochemical environment of the body. Low-flow oxygen therapy and oxygen care do not require special guidance to quickly and certainly be beneficial and harmless.

1Remote Control Portable 3L Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen therapy has the effect of alleviating hypoxia symptoms in a timely manner, but only partially and progressively to eliminate the cause of hypoxia. For the correction of physiological hypoxia and environmental hypoxia, prevention and treatment of diseases caused by environmental hypoxia, oxygen therapy is the main means. Oxygen therapy is an important adjunct to correct pathological hypoxia. For emergency rescue, oxygen therapy is one of the important means.

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