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The 3rd Day Of The CMEF Exhibition

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The 3rd day of the exhibition | Industry new products detonate the scene, sharing the world of unlimited business opportunities for rehabilitation and elderly care.

Grand opening! International Rehabilitation & Elderly Exhibition & CMEF invites you to witness another grand event in the industry today!

Get the pulse of the new trend of the industry! The International Rehabilitation and Elderly Care Exhibition & CMEF will continue on the next day

October 16, 2021

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan District)

Invite you to meet



Forums & activities are gaining popularity

Frontier Trends/In-Depth Analysis



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At the forum site, the Guangdong Association of Rehabilitation Medicine successfully held the inaugural meeting of the Rehabilitation Aids Branch & the first South China Rehabilitation Aids Forum. After voting, Director Liu Siwen of the Guangdong Industrial Injury and Rehabilitation Hospital was elected as the chairman of the first Guangdong Rehabilitation Medicine Association and Deng Xiaoqian. Waiting for experts to be elected as the vice president of the branch. Chairman Dou Zulin of the Guangdong Association of Rehabilitation Medicine conducted a grand award and certificate issuance ceremony for him.

At the first South China Rehabilitation Assistive Device Forum, “Starlight” dazzled. Nearly 20 experts from various subdivisions focused on their own experience and practice, and systematically introduced the future trends and hotspots of the assistive device industry: Yu Hongliu, an expert on rehabilitation robots and assistive devices from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology The professor shared the research and development trend of the cutting-edge technology of rehabilitation assistive devices; Professor Huang Wenhua from Southern Medical University shared the research and application progress of 3D printing technology in the field of rehabilitation assistive devices; Professor Ouyang Yatao from Guangdong Labor Ability Appraisal Center shared the Chinese rehabilitation assistive devices Service development status and countermeasures. Professor Liu Chunlong from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine shared the current status and exploration of rehabilitation assistive device education at home and abroad; Director Liu Siwen of Guangdong Industrial Injury Rehabilitation Hospital shared the opportunities and challenges of rehabilitation assistive device services in rehabilitation hospitals. More experts share their continued attention to the WeChat and live broadcast platforms of this platform.

2021 Community Home Care Industry Forum was successfully held



Healthy Sleep Experience Zone & Chongyang Chongyang Health Lecture Hall, Wonderful Continue



The exhibition is still going on, and the excitement will continue tomorrow!

Preview of the next exhibition


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