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What Are The Purchase Indicators For Disposable Medical Mattresses?

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The mattresses introduced to you in the past are all household mattresses, which are beautiful in design, large and comfortable, but today's small series introduces disposable medical mattresses, which have no thickness and width of household mattresses, and no household mattresses. High comfort and long life cycle, it is only medical medical supplies, thin, not large, but it is essential.

Disposable medical mattresses are indispensable medical supplies in hospitals. The price is not expensive but the effect is great, clean and hygienic, not afraid of virus infection. It is very practical in hospitals. For example, before and after childbirth, incontinence and action Inconvenient crowd care, use of surgery and medical examination to prevent cross-infection.

Disposable mattress features: 1, antibacterial sterilization, effective prevention of viral infections, skin allergies and other symptoms; 2, clean and hygienic, can effectively absorb odor; 3, the use of simple, convenient and fast; 4, disinfection products. Disposable The surface of the medical mattress is made of breathable and water-absorbing soft woven fabric, which is always comfortable and dry. Imported wood pulp, polymer absorbent resin, and leakage-proof layer are made of PE cast waterproof membrane.

The choice of waterproof absorption is good. Its size and color are different, the common colors are white and blue, the size is divided into: 45x30cm, 45x60cm, 60x60cm, 150x60cm, 150x80cm, etc., disposable medical mattress can be customized according to customers Request for production.

The disposable medical mattress is easy to use, and the mattress is spread on the bed to directly contact the skin. Note: Please throw it away after use, and replace the new mattress in time.

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