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What Is An Air Compression Nebulizer?

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Air Compressed Atomizer: Also known as Jet Atomization, according to the Venturi injection principle, compressed air is used to form a high-speed airflow through a small orifice, and the resulting negative pressure drives a liquid or other fluid to be sprayed onto the barrier. Splashing around in a high-speed impact causes droplets to become misty particles ejected from the air outlet tube.

Gas compression atomizer has the following advantages

1. High-efficiency oil-free piston compressor, no need to cool water during atomization, daily maintenance-free, simple and convenient operation; atomization of original drug, no dilution, good clinical effect; almost no drug residue, high drug utilization rate ;

2, The operation is more convenient, the product is equipped with a 2 m trachea, the activity is large, can be used for sitting and lying, the atomization components are light, easy to wear and hand-held;

3, Atomization using the original drug atomization, the amount of atomization inhaled in the relative treatment time is appropriate, it is not easy to cause the mucosa of the inner wall of the trachea to rise, causing obstruction of the trachea, the atomized particles are ultra-fine, and it is not easy to collide and combine, the human body inhales comfortably. And can enter the trachea, lungs and other trachea, the clinical effect is excellent, especially suitable for the treatment of lower respiratory diseases;

4, Pure mechanical products, the failure rate is extremely low, low maintenance costs, long service life, generally 5 to 10 years of normal use.

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