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What is Air Compression Therapy?

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Principle and characteristics of  Air Compression Therapy

 Air Compression Therapy is a massage instrument that produces a massage effect by compressing and releasing air. It usually consists of a handheld device and a number of massage heads, the massage head contains a set of air pressure system, can apply regular pressure to the muscle tissue and release pressure, thereby creating a massage effect. Air wave massager has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient use, diversified massage parts, etc. It is a popular home massage equipment.

As a kind of massage equipment, Air Compression Therapy has the effect of massaging muscle tissue. Through massage, you can promote muscle blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness and fatigue, and improve your physical condition. 

The specific use method is as follows:

1. First open the Air Compression Therapy, and choose the massage head that suits you.

2. Stick the massage head on the part that needs to be massaged, and keep the arm relaxed while massaging.

3. Start massaging. Gradually adjust the massage intensity, massage time can be adjusted according to needs.

User experience and evaluation

After using the Air Compression Therapy, the user generally reported that the muscle pain and fatigue were relieved, and the body felt more comfortable. However, due to the massage intensity generated by the machine and the traditional manual massage there are still some differences, some users believe that the effect is not obvious. In addition, because each person's physique and habits are different, there are certain differences in the use effect. In short, in the case of correct use, the air wave massager has a certain massage effect.

In short 

Air Compression Therapy is a kind of home massage equipment, with a certain massage effect. By applying regular pressure to muscle tissue and releasing pressure, you can promote muscle blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness and fatigue. However, everyone's situation is different, and the massage effect will vary from person to person. Therefore, when using the Air Compression Therapy, pay attention to the correct use and moderate use to achieve a better massage effect.

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