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Advantages of the water bed

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The floating sleep of the water bed can evenly support the body and conform to the physiological curve of the spine; the dispersion pressure of water effectively relieves physical and mental exhaustion and promotes deep sleep. The waterbed has been scientifically designed and passed through strict stress tests without leakage. The fatigue of mental workers, as long as the nerve cell vitality declines and the accumulation of metabolic waste in the body, the ordinary sleep mode is called "state sleep", which can not effectively eliminate such fatigue in a short sleep cycle.

The water bed can produce a good heat effect, and the warming effect promotes blood circulation to restore cell vitality, and can quickly and completely remove metabolic wastes in the body. In addition, the uniform buoyancy support of the water flow makes the pressure of each point of the body far less than the sore critical point of the 35 cm mercury column, ensuring good blood circulation, significantly reducing the number of tortuosity caused by soreness, circulatory disturbance, etc., and preventing the loss of sleep quality.

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