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Air Compression Therapy - The Benefits Of Using Air Compression Therapy

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Air compression therapy has been used for a long time in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, and even muscle pain. Today it is also used to help reduce the symptoms associated with pregnancy. It is a proven method of pain relief that is becoming more popular than ever. You can purchase this air therapy system at your local store or online.

The air compression therapy system consists of a handheld compressor. It is designed for the patient to be fully comfortable as they are in a reclined position while being given small bubbles of compressed air. The device uses two cylinders that have two separate air tanks that are placed at different angles on either side of the air compressor. The air tanks have two different amounts of air that will provide the correct amount of pressure. One cylinder will have a smaller amount of air than the other and will also be labeled with a lower air pressure that the lower level will provide. A dial on the side of the device will allow the user to set the right amount of pressure needed for the patient.

When a patient first walks into the office and tries on the compression therapy unit they may feel some discomfort. After a few minutes the patient will get used to the feeling and then will feel the full effects of the device. You can set the machine up to use just one cylinder and then place it on the wall next to the person who is going to be using it. This will allow them to adjust the tension of the machine so that it will not affect their breathing. Once the user is comfortable with how the device is working, they will turn it off and then place the tank and nozzle on the side of the machine and move it so that it is positioned over their chest.

When a person uses the compression therapy device, they will be required to lie down on the table with their legs up against the table so that the air is able to reach all parts of the body. The air is compressed as it is passed through the machine. The air travels down into the torso, the ribs, the legs, and then the arms before reaching the heart. The air that reaches the heart is then blown out through the nostrils as it passes through the mouth. Once the air has traveled this way the user will feel the full effects of the device and will feel the immediate effects of the compressed air. These are the main benefits of this device and many people do not even realize it is happening until after the air has been compressed.

The air compression therapy system is usually designed to last for a one to five hours and is effective in relieving back pain, neck pain, and muscle pain. It is an easy way to treat a wide variety of different ailments and is often used during childbirth to reduce the pain during labor. It is a great method of pain relief and is a safe method of reducing or eliminating the need for medication.

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