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How to use the water bed

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1, The computer thermostat is used to adjust the temperature of the water bed, generally controlled at 25-37 ° C, the initial use of the low-grade to high-grade gradually increase the temperature. The thermostat has been strictly tested and tested before leaving the factory, and the user should not open it without authorization during use. In the summer, the thermostat can be turned off, but because the natural temperature of the water is about 26 ° C), there is still a certain temperature difference with the outside temperature, when sleeping; should also lay a bed sheet to avoid catching cold (the person who is afraid of cold can also adjust the temperature properly) ).

2, The softness of the water bed can be adjusted according to the needs of each person, the air is more hard, but the air bubbles in the water bed should be exhausted through the vent hole when starting the installation, so as not to make a sound when sleeping. , affecting sleep.

3, Electronic thermostat water bed is a high-grade bedding, should be taken care of, scientific use. Usually, the anti-slip cover should be pulled well, and the bed cover should be placed to prevent sharp sharp objects from coming into contact with it to avoid scratching or puncture the water bed due to strong external force. The water in the water bed should also be drained when moving.

4. Once the water bed is installed, do not open the inlet cover easily, because there is a certain pressure in the water chamber, and the water will overflow after opening the cover. The maintenance of the water bed is very simple, and should be checked to see if there is any leakage or leakage. Pay attention to indoor insulation in winter and keep the water bed temperature. After using for about five years, the water can be drained and refilled according to the instructions.

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