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Technical Features of Blood Pressure Monitor

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1. The principle of oscillating oscillating, charging and discharging gas is rapid, and the noise is extremely low.

2. Reverse inflation logic feedback, the maximum inflation pressure of the cuff is only less than 5mmHg than the measured person's own systolic pressure, maximizing the patient's comfort.

3. The test can be temporarily interrupted and re-wearing to continue testing blood pressure.

4. Unique day and night button, special practice button to accurately record day and night boundary incidents.

5. Automatically retest within 3 minutes, storing data up to 300 measurements.

1Digital Blood pressure monitor

6. Weighing only 250 grams, the world's lightest blood pressure recording box.

7. Windows95/98/NT version analysis software, Chinese and English operation, the interface is free to switch.

8. Simple and convenient operation, friendly user interface, can be directly connected to the computer and printer.

9. No millennium bug technical failure, German standard, passed ISO9001 and CE certification.

10. A variety of analysis charts and Chinese and English selectable report printing, the clinical application value is extremely high.

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