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The Difference Between a Bubble Mattress Overlay and a Pressure Mattress Overlay

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The Med-Aire Alternate Pressure Mattress Cover System with High Air Flow is a special mattress pad designed to treat and prevent pressure ulcers caused by sleeping on a hard surface. This mattress can be used to provide relief to those who suffer from this disorder because it can easily be adjusted according to their needs.

When you are sleeping on a hard surface such as a mattress, it increases pressure on the joints in your body and causes the tissues in your body to become inflamed. With this condition, a mattress cover that has a high air flow can help relieve the symptoms and discomfort that the condition causes.

The Pressure Mattress Oscillating System can be used for many different reasons and is commonly used to treat pressure ulcers and back pain. This type of mattress is also beneficial for people who experience frequent neck, head, or shoulder pain while they are sleeping. There are three unique designs that are available for this mattress to suit different needs. One design features an oscillating motion to provide a more gentle support for the neck and shoulders, another design features a two-way movement that allows a firm feel while a third design features an air pump that allows the user to adjust the pressure and the flow of air.

For people who are suffering from severe lower back pain, the foam mattress overlay can be used to relieve the pain and help control the swelling. This mattress will provide a comfortable level of support when used to help reduce the symptoms of pain. Because the mattress is made with a special foam, it is less likely to damage the back and is safe for use. A foam mattress overlay can also be used to reduce the pain in your neck and back that is caused by spinal disc problems or a herniated disc.

The Bubble Mattress Oscillating System is one of the most unique types of a pressure mattress overlay system that is available. This mattress includes an air pump that allows the user to set the pressure of the mattress and provides a controlled air flow system that can help reduce pressure in the soft tissues and muscles of the body. This system is perfect for people who have lower back pain or joint pain that is being caused by a lack of support in the mattress and helps to relieve those conditions.

The Bubble Mattress Oscillating System is unique in that it also features a foot pump to provide additional support for your feet when you are laying on the mattress. This is an excellent type of system for someone who needs extra support to help reduce pressure on their body or to allow them to sit up and move around comfortably. The bubbles provide the extra support and are made with a special shock absorbing foam material to provide comfort. It is one of the most important components of this system because it is the first and only way to provide a cushion to your body when you are using a mattress for a long period of time.

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