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There are hundreds of wheelchair cushions, how to choose?

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"Regarding the choice of cushion, where should I start?"

"How to narrow the selection?"

"Which type of cushion will help me the most?"

"Am I suitable to continue sitting on this cushion currently in use?"

Therefore, today, let us start the discussion from the purpose of using the cushion! When you start to come into contact with this assistive device, there must be some expected functions that you hope it can achieve for you, such as: promoting a better sitting position, protecting your skin and soft tissues, preventing the occurrence of crushing, and providing a sitting position Stability is used to better exert upper limb function...etc. And usually, among these goals, we don’t have only one requirement. You can review the goals listed in the chart below and think carefully. What is your primary concern for you?

Because of the limitations of material science, in fact, no cushion can fully meet all the above needs. Therefore, we must first set a clear priority for personal goals and find the best product that meets the intersection of these needs. The best use results.

Once you have set the goal you want to achieve, then you can start to consider which design cushion to use. This is closely related to the decompression principle of the cushion and material science, so the next step after determining the goal is to understand the design and materials of various cushions to determine the reasons behind one style that is more suitable for your personal situation than another style...

Simply put, because the airbag cushion uses the principle of hydrostatics to achieve the decompression effect, the characteristic of the liquid/gas is that it will flow and not accumulate when subjected to force, so it can reach all contact points in a sitting position. The effect of this kind of material and decompression principle is especially suitable for people who are concerned about the protection of the cushion to the skin and soft tissues.

The characteristic of the foam material is that it will compress and deform under pressure, and the generation of force and reaction force will cause a relatively high-pressure point at the bone process; of course, with pre-cutting of the body profile, different density and hardness We can reduce the reaction force generated by this cushion, but this is still an unavoidable limitation of the foam material in terms of the decompression effect, and the quality of foam cushion products on the market is uneven. , Its quality also has a profound impact on decompression ability and durability. But on the contrary, because the foam material does not flow, it performs better on the side of sitting stability.

After that, we will continue to make a further introduction to the cushion. Before that, you can think carefully about what goals you expect to meet when you use a cushion, and which aspects are your core expectations to benefit from? Welcome to leave a message with us and continue to pay attention to Hongfeng!

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