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Type of water bed

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There are two main types - hard-edged water beds and more modern soft-sand sofa waterbeds. The hard-edged waterbed is the first waterbed to come out. The bed frame is the main support for mattresses made of vinyl and is part of the bedroom furniture. Bed frames are made of natural wood (such as pine, oak and cedar), or lacquered medium-density wood panels or decorative wood panels. The bed frame is usually placed on a wooden base that supports the entire bed.

The soft-edged sand waterbed was developed to accommodate the furniture already in the bedroom. They look similar to ordinary beds, and as their name suggests, they have a flexible outer ring that makes you feel when you sit at the bedside. Comfortable. Modern design like a waterbed combines comfort, support, health and durability, and the convenience and simplicity of a regular bed.

The shape is divided into a square water bed, a circular water bed, and a U shape: a square water bed generally refers to a rectangular shape, which is a common shape in daily life. The appearance of the round waterbed adapts to the needs of individualized products. The circular waterbed is often loved by young people because of its special shape. There is also a more distinctive U-shaped water bed, the hotel chooses to use more.

The water bed is divided into a hard water mattress and a soft edge water bed: the hard water mattress is the first water bed to be introduced, but the hard water mattress has higher requirements for the bed frame, and the special bed frame is required. A hard water mattress can be placed, and when people sit on the edge of the bed, they feel very hard and uncomfortable. Therefore, a softer water mattress with a relatively less demanding height for the bed frame has been developed. The soft water mattress is surrounded by a high-density sponge frame, which is more comfortable after being deformed for a long time.

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