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Water bed effect

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Is the water bed good for my back?

The waterbed makes your back feel extremely comfortable, and when you lie on a floating mattress, the water is automatically drained according to your body shape. The bed will not sag and deform (even after 10 years, it will remain intact). Regardless of your weight, it automatically adjusts quickly to lift the entire body. These features together with low surface pressure and precise temperature control constitute an excellent back support system.

I don't need a hard bed?

The worst bed is a soft, unshaped mattress that barely supports the body.

body. In the past, the hard bed was the only choice except for the soft bed. But the hardness increases where you are in contact with the mattress. These "pressure points" often limit your blood circulation and make you toss and turn. In contrast, the bed surface promotes sleep and has an important quality of support and comfort.

Does the water bed have health benefits?

There are many. In fact, the health benefits of the waterbed have been discovered and won long before the modern mass-produced waterbeds are put into production. It is also recognized that "weightlessness" can slow down the symptoms of acne and help treat burns. The soft balance of the water bed and the appropriate temperature are especially beneficial for patients with arthritis and rheumatism. Waterbeds are widely used in child care and are beneficial to women during pregnancy and lactation.

We also strongly recommend waterbeds to people with asthma and allergies because water mattresses do not absorb dust from bacteria. Use a mild disinfectant to clean the waterbed and make your mind more relaxed.

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