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Water bed installation knowledge

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What are the dimensions of the waterbed?

There are water beds of all standard sizes and 2mX2m, 1.8mX2m, 1.5mX2m, 1.2mX2m, 1mX2m, 1.5mx1.8m.

Every manufacturer and retailer will advise you to choose the largest bed that can be placed in the room from a comfort perspective - the same applies to the water bed.

How to install a water bed?

Most waterbeds are installed for the first time by the manufacturer or the store where you purchased the waterbed. The installation process usually takes one to two hours. Water filling will take most of the time, and the filling time will depend on the water pressure in your room.

If a water bed is installed for you by the store, the installer will usually bring a water pump to directly pour water from your tank into the water mattress, and the water temperature is moderate. If you install it yourself, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Is the water bed easy to move?

It's easy. In fact, once the water is drained, the components of the waterbed are easier to move than most ordinary beds, and the long waterbed can even be moved to a small entrance, a narrow corridor, and the like. This also depends on the manufacturer's instructions. If you don't want to move it yourself, manufacturers usually provide a bed-lifting service.

What kind of water is used?

Ordinary tap water

How long does it take to change the water?

When filling the water for the first time, add an appropriate amount of preservative. Under normal circumstances, change the water three to five years.

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