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What is a nebulizer mask

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The size of atomized particles is directly related to the effect of atomization. Smaller (less than 2.5μm) atomized particles can reach the lower respiratory tract and alveoli. The specifications provided by the general manufacturers are marked with instructions indicating the size of the atomized particles. Involving drug particle size, average drug particle size (MMAD), average median size (MMD), etc.
The mouthpiece atomizer is mainly composed of a gas bottle joint, a catheter, an atomizing irrigation (medicine cup), a bellows, a tee, and a mouthpiece.
It is composed of transition joint, cover body, aluminum sheet and elastic band. The connection of the various components of the product should be firm and reliable. When it is subjected to a static force of 5N in the longitudinal direction, it should last for 30S, and the phenomenon of shedding and loosening should not occur: the product should be sterile, and the residual amount of ethylene oxide should not exceed 10mg / kg
Air humidifier: The humidifier used to humidify the air is a kind of atomizer;
Medical nebulizer: a device used to treat upper respiratory tract diseases, which belongs to medical equipment;
Other types of atomizers: such as hair spray equipment for hair styling, and one of the important structures composed of electronic cigarettes, used to atomize smoke oil.
Leyi atomizer: belongs to the air compression atomizer. At present, the air compression atomizer has replaced the ultrasonic atomizer in the field of medical applications.
Nebulizer mask features:
1. Transparent, non-toxic PVC
2. Medium oxygen concentration
3. Adjustable nose clip
4. With 2M anti-extrusion tube
5.10ml, 20ml atomization tank
6. CE, FDA and FDA registration certificates and above are provided by the medical device network!

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