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What is a wheelchair cushion?

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In order to avoid pressure sores, the mat should be highly paid attention to. It is possible to use eggcrate or Roto pads. This mat consists of a large plastic with a large number of papillary hollow columns with a diameter of about 5 cm. They are soft and easy to move. After the patient sits on, the pressure surface becomes a large number of compression points, and the patient moves slightly, and the pressure point changes with the movement of the nipple, so that the pressure point can be constantly changed to avoid frequent compression of the same The site causes pressure sores.

Medical Air Cushion Wheelchair Cushion For Bedsore

If there is no such mat, then a layered foam should be used, the thickness should be 10cm, the upper layer is 0.5cm thick high-density polyarethane foam, and the lower layer is medium-density plastic of the same nature, high The density is strong and the medium density is soft and comfortable. In the sitting position, the ischial tuberosity is very compressive, often exceeding 1 to 16 times the pressure of the normal capillary end, and is easy to form pressure ulcers. In order to avoid excessive pressure here, often dig a piece on the corresponding cushion, so that the ischial tuberosity is overhead, the front should be 2.5cm in front of the ischial tuberosity, and the side should be 2.5cm outside the nodule. The depth is about 7.5cm. After the excavation, the mat has a concave shape, and the gap is behind. If the above-mentioned mat is used for the incision, the pressure sore can be prevented quite effectively.

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