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What is the principle of the nebulizer mask

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There are two main atomization principles used, one is an ultrasonic atomizer and the other is a compression atomizer.
Ultrasonic atomizer: The principle of ultrasound is used to atomize the liquid medicine.
The nebulizer of the ultrasonic atomizer has no selectivity for the mist particles, so most of the produced drug particles can only be deposited in the upper respiratory tract such as the mouth and throat, and because the amount of deposition in the lungs is small, it cannot effectively treat lower respiratory tract diseases. At the same time, due to the large mist particles generated by the ultrasonic atomizer and the rapid atomization, the patient inhaled too much water vapor to humidify the respiratory tract. The dry secretions that originally partially blocked the bronchus in the respiratory tract expanded after absorbing moisture and enlarged the respiratory tract Resistance may cause hypoxia, and the ultrasonic atomizer will cause the medical solution to form water droplets and hang on the inner cavity wall. It has poor effect on lower respiratory tract diseases, and has a large demand for drugs, causing waste.
Air compression atomizer: also called jet atomization, which is based on the principle of Venturi spraying, using compressed air to form a high-speed air flow through a small nozzle, the negative pressure generated drives liquid or other fluids to be sprayed onto the barrier , Splashing around under high-speed impact to make droplets into mist-like particles ejected from the air outlet pipe.
1. Efficient oil-free piston compressor, no cooling water is needed during atomization, daily maintenance-free, simpler and more convenient operation; the original drug is atomized, no dilution is required, and the clinical effect is good; there is almost no drug residue, and the drug utilization rate is high ;
2. It is more convenient to operate and use. The product is equipped with a 2 meter trachea. It has a large room for movement and can be used for sitting and lying. The atomizing component is lightweight and easy to wear and hold;
3. Atomization uses the original medicine to atomize, the amount of inhalation inhaled in the relative treatment time is appropriate, it is not easy to cause the mucosa of the inner wall of the trachea to swell, and the trachea is blocked. , And can enter the bronchus, lungs and other trachea, the clinical effect is very good, especially suitable for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases;

4. Pure mechanical products, the failure rate is extremely low, the maintenance cost is low, the service life is long, generally 5 to 10 years .


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