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Automatical Turning Mattress for Anti Bed Sore & Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Model NO. fofo

Top cover

Nylon PU / strength


tarpaulin / nylon PU


200cm(L) x 90cm(W) x23cm(H)

Weight Capacity

180 kg





Repair kit,

1.5M hose,

Spare cell,



Product Description

1. Our mattresses are mainly used for the patients who need to lie on bed for a long time, and keep them far away from bedsore or decubitus;

2. Use breathable material to keep skin dry and clean;

3. Frequent fluctuation massage;

4. Work quietly. Noise less than 20 decibels, with a comfortable sleep.

5. Offering a variety of wound care solutions for the treatment and healing of pressure ulcers.

It consists of durable shaped air tubes and control unit, can provide excellent pressure reduction through continuous alternating movement, which is designed in order to achieve good massage effect and blood circulation in body tissue and to help alleviate the pressure sore for patients on long-term medical treatment or for immobility.


On the other hand, our mattresses are heat sealed, so they are obviously durable.

Product Characteristics

1. Tubular made of TPU film/Nylon with Tpu coating

2. AB alternative mode for ulcer prevention

3. Welded, seam sealed, zipper around waterproofand vapour permeable stretch PU cover

4. Easy turn CPR for rapid deflation

5. Design of extraction and plug-in hole, automatic LCD touch screen, mute air pump

6. Optional 12/18/24 mins cycle time

7. Visual and audible alarms for patient safety

8. With remote control

9. External, Easy-to-replace pump filters with static functionand auto-return

10. Automatically adjusts to the patients weight withhead up, foot up, left rotate, and right rotate functions

11. Made of breathable materials, fire retardant, SGS approved

12. Taiwan Nanya nylon PVC/ TPU material, breathable, washable and waterproof

13. Separate airbag, it is easy to disassemble and replace in case of damage and air leakage

14. there are micro air holes on the surface, which can spray air to maintain air circulatio, and to keep skin dry

15. delivered directly from manufacturer, official preferred quality, all using special medical materials, belongs to class II medical devices

16. Turn over / back up / fluctuation, complete function, simple operation. It can replace manual turnover, and reduce the labor force for nursing staff to trun over frequently

17. The angle of back lifting is about 0-45°, turning height is about 25cm. Just one key can implement turn over, turn back, wave massage. No need to get out of bed, convenient as side, avoid polluting mattress

18. Select medical grade PVC material, waterproofed, easy to clean, reduce health hazards, durable, close to the skin while does not hurt

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