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Note on the choice of wheelchair

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(1) Seat width: Measure the distance between the two hips or between the two strands when sitting down. After adding 5 cm, sit down and have a gap of 2.5 cm on each side. The seat is too narrow, the upper and lower wheelchairs are more difficult to press on the buttocks and thigh tissue; the seat is too wide to be stable, the wheelchair is inconvenient, the two limbs are prone to fatigue, and it is difficult to enter and exit the gate.

(2) Seat length: measure the horizontal distance between the buttocks and the calf gastrocnemius muscles when sitting down, and reduce the measurement result by 6.5 cm. If the seat is too short, the weight will mainly fall on the ischial bone, which may cause partial compression. If the seat is too long, it will compress the axillary part and affect the local blood circulation, and it may easily stimulate the skin. For patients with short thighs or hips and knee flexure contracture, it is better to use short seats.

(3) Seat height: measure the distance from the heel (or heel) to the armpit when sitting down, plus 4cm. When placing the pedal, the board surface is at least 5cm away from the ground. The seat is too high, the wheelchair cannot be placed at the table; if the seat is too low, the ischial weight is too large.

(4) Seat cushion For the comfort and prevention of hemorrhoids, the seat of the wheelchair should be placed on the seat cushion. Common cushions are foam rubber pads (5~10cm thick) or gel pads. To prevent the seat from sinking, place a 0.6cm thick plywood under the seat cushion.

(5) Back height: * The higher the back, the more stable, the lower the back, the greater the activity of the upper body and upper limbs. Low* Back: Measure the distance from the sitting surface to the armpit (one arm or two arms forward) and reduce the result by 10 cm. High* Back: Measure the actual height of the seat to the shoulder or back pillow.

(6) Handrail height: When sitting down, the upper arm is vertical, the forearm is placed flat on the armrest, and the height of the chair to the lower edge of the forearm is measured, plus 2.5 cm. Proper armrest height helps maintain proper body posture and balance and allows the upper limb to be placed in a comfortable position. The armrest is too high and the upper arm is forced to lift up, which is prone to fatigue. If the armrest is too low, you need to lean forward to maintain balance, not only easy to fatigue, but also affect breathing.

(7) Other auxiliary parts of wheelchair: It is designed to meet the needs of special patients, such as increasing the friction surface of the handle, extending the rut, anti-shock device, armrest mounting arm rest, or wheelchair table for patients to eat and write.

(8) Check the weight

Because your goal is to buy a lightweight wheelchair, choosing a lightweight wheelchair is the first requirement. A lighter wheelchair is clearly a better choice. Not only is it easy to handle, it is easier to use. This means it will be easier to operate. Relatively speaking, lighter wheelchairs will be more expensive.

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